Selling ASHEVILLE's Great Weather - When it's Gloomy like now

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People move to ASHEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA partially for the great weather.  We get alot of folks who move here from the frozen tundra of Michigan, Minnesota and Vermont for example, or who prefer to live here fulltime and perhaps vacation in Florida during the coldest months, like now.

It's been fairly easy and true to say "oh our winters aren't bad.  We get a little snow but then the sun comes out and it's gone in a day or two."  Or you hear alot "Well it does get cold but it only lasts a day or two." 

So it's been kinda hard to say that this winter, since we've had snow, ice, wind for the most part since the Christmas holidays.

    Asheville NC is a Great Place to live -- that's why people are relocating here.

But what's to find attractive when the skies are gray, the buildings look gray and the best to offer is a lighter shade of gray in the days ahead.  I find myself being apologetic -- especially when the weather is a big sales pitch (although true).

OK.  So I pick myself up and say "It could be worse.  I could be a Realtor in Nebraska, or Minnesota."  Or Chicago.  Not bad places, but cold is a fact there.  Life goes on.  People buy in the cold weather too.



One thing I find helpful when working with folks who ask about the weather is to ask them how it is back where they live (this works especially well when they're coming from the tundra).  And then I refer them to all the wonderful things the media has been saying about Asheville and Western North Carolina.

The good news is the weather's supposed to change.  Sun is coming.  I'll make sure I make those appointments on the good days -- and take my buyers to a nice bakery after we're done so the smell of warm bread and stickybuns will soothe their bones and lift their spirits. 

And for a minute I'll be back selling sunshine!



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