Master Bath Mystique - A place to book-end to the day, and hopefully for an occasional steamy encounter.

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It's usually the place we start our morning, and typically where we end our day: The Master Bathroom. So what separates the mundane from the magical?

In this series, we're looking at some of the hottest Master Suites in new homes in Edmond, Oklahoma built by Jeff Click Homes, showcasing some of the best looks and trends found in the mid-level price point. Check out a few photos from our furnished new home model in Silverhawk.

WOW-Factor: Just as we did in the entrance to the Master Suite, we add a little "holllah!" to the
to the first view of the bathroom.

Lighten Up: Lighting is the "bling" of a house, and should make a statement, but never neglect
attention to good lighting function. Ladies need it for perfecting their look, and bros need it
to insure a crisis-free shave. Natural light enhances it all the more during the day.

Blush & Brush: While we strongly encourage as much fun as possible in the Master Bath, let's remember
it's a place for work, too. Good counter top space, adequate storage, and a place
for the Princess to pretty up, are all essential.

Bathing Beauties: A romantic bathroom isn't so without a roomy bath for two.

Showered With Love: So maybe the bath tub isn't an every day affair, but we hope a shower is. A
roomy shower is a must for any steamy encounters...
or just to get ready for the day.

There are a few other niceties that we like to throw into our Master Bathrooms in all of our new homes in Edmond and Oklahoma City. One of the more popular amenities is our proximity-sensing light control, which detects your presence and turns on your lights for you for an adjustable period of time. We also include a heat lamp and vent light combo, which provides a boost of heat for those chilly mornings, as well as helps better ventilate the room should things get a little too steamy, so to speak (which we strongly encourage!). Jeff Click Homes also tiles all shower walls and bath tub backsplashes for added style and longevity.

To see our unique, modern home designs that have amazing master baths, might we suggest The Numbers Plan, The Daniel Plan, The Psalm Plan, and The Romans Plan.

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