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Hello out to all my fellow Professional Realtors,

Just received a call from a NEW Service called Realty Now.  Supposedly a great program - only $99/month and you pay $1000 at closing for transactions over $150,000.  They supply unlimited leads and depend on your honesty to follow through after closings.  Looking for good closers they say and have spots available in your area.

BUT, BEWARE - this is Reply, Inc. coming at you with a different twist.  The same group that provided useless leads before is now going to supply you with unlimited leads for only a monthly charge.  Trouble is the leads provided last time weren't any good so in the end you will be paying a monthly fee, making calls to lots of worthless leads and ending up back where you started.

Please beware my fellow Professional Realtors.  It was worthless before and will continue to be worthless.  I hope this is helpful to many of you out there working hard for your valuable commissions.  Realy Now/Reply is not worth your efforts.

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