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The Polphia fund is a charitable fund that we have created to help people in the time of need.  We believe that every once in a while, good wholesome families come across difficult times and a fund like ours keeps them from crossing the line of debt.  For most people, we all know this line, once falling over it you are caught up in a never ending cycle of late fees, collection attempts, and a terrible feeling of failure.  In today's economy, every day all day long good people like you and me fall over this line and are unable to get back to their feet again.

We are a federal 501C3 and all funds collected will be used to aid these people that need the help.

The Polphia Promise is a promise made under this fund that a portion of our donations will go to helping the families of disasters.  I recently spent some time in Haiti helping to get 66 Americans back to the United States.  Using Haiti as an example, that was very solemn time, and I was barely able to help with anything.  Of the few million citizens of Haiti, nearly 200,000 may have perished.  It may be as close as 10% of the population.  When I looked into the eyes of the children that I helped, I didnt see the fun and happiness that I see in my daughter yet I knew there was something there.  What I saw was the fear and pain as if everyone on that plane lost someone or more than one someone.  I saw a feeling of not knowing where home was or what was to come next.  I saw fear that disgusted me with myself, as I knew that when I went home I would see my wife and daughter again and all I had to offer them was a smile and a hand.

My help was more than nothing but our promise and our fund helps people.  We are helping people just like you and I before someone falls, before they have to say,"When I get back on my feet."

In today's economy, it is overly difficult to manage and we are all feeling the effects of the depression.  A woman just down the street from my home, a grandmother, killed herself and her two grandchildren ages 6 and 6 months citing the depression as the main factor.  If she would have called on the Polphia fund, we would have been able to at the very least given her other options.

So we are asking you, the reader, if you have some extra money and you believe in the cause that I believe in, please mail donations (check, cash, or money order) to;

The Polphia Fund

PO Box 50758

Summerville SC 29485

Thank you

Of course all of the applicants to our help have to go through a counseling session to determine whether or not they are deserving of our help.  It is unfortunate but through our efforts we have met people that try to manipulate the systems and take advantage of our kindness.  Please be sure that we are very careful in the aid that we share.

To me, there are people that use government aid as aid to better their lives.  I mean the 20 yr old girl that has three kids because she has been living on her own since the age 14.  She works full time, is in college and is a single mom.  She deserves the aid.  The guy who doesnt, lives in his parents basement, doesnt work, and had his social security claim denied twice as he is perfectly able to work a regular job.  We do not help those who feel they are entitled or that they can scam the system.  We do not help those who are nuisances to our way of life. 

Please help us to help the people like us that need the help.

Polphia is my daughter's name Sophia Poltor.

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