Market Value Highlights from 2008 through 2009 for Portland Metro Counties in Oregon

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 After being asked the question many times as to how much have property values decreased, I put together this chart based on year end data from the MLS.  This has helped sellers significantly understand the impact of 2009 on their properties and calm some fears after hearing some of the low prices that properties have sold for.  This  chart shows that on average, values lost in the Portland Metro Region of Oregon ran -12% to -15% in 2009.  It helps clients understand the actual $ impact on average sales prices are and the long Days on Market that are still dogging us here.  We, as brokers here in Yamhill County Oregon, are planning for an improving market.  Stay tuned as the year moves along and Please share with me how your market is trending.  

Market Value Highlights from 2008 to 2009 for Portland Metro Counties in Oregon

                                      Ave Sale Price                        Total Sales           DOM                                      

Portland Metro                                                                                    

2009 Year End                        $289,900                     18,955                 141                                       

2008 Year End                        $330,300                     19,132                 122

Ave Value Change                       -12.2%


Yamhill County          

2009 Year End                        $227,300                     799                      197

2008  Year End                       $266,800                     856                       40

Ave Value Change                        -14.8% 



2009 Year End                        $203,600                     886                       159

2008 Year End                        $252,500                     632                         38

Ave Value Change                       -15.0%


Tig/Tual/Sher Wil

2009  Year End                       $316,000                     1,529                    178

2008 Year End                        $352,600                     1,598                      85

Ave Value Change                        -10.3%



2009 Year End                        $241,100                     1,927                     122

2008 Year End                        $273,800                     1877                      115

Ave Value Change                        -11.9%            


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Geoff ONeill
John L. Scott Medford - Medford, OR

Wow.  Similar stats for Jackson county here in Southern Oregon.  I think we are bouncing around at the bottom here.

Feb 09, 2010 04:57 PM