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Give me a break! Sarah Palin (2)

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What does Sarah Palin have to do with any of that? 

Lane Bailey -
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I don't get it ...

Will Nesbitt -



Lane and/or Will:

Sorry, I jumped so fast.

Check out from your library the book "Predator State" written by the liberal James Galbraith. Also read Jude Wanniski's book "The way the world works: How economies fail and succeed."

Maybe you will see how wrong James is about "conservative" or "Reagonomics" since he can not say GWB is a real conservative striving for a conservative cause but a ruling gangster performing a predator politics, not rested on "royalty to the country" or "conscience of the people's welfare", but to the greed of big rich CEO.

As James put it, the bottom line is: there were no right conservative policy or forces like Jude in power during those 8 years under GWB administration. Why James blame it when there is no such a thing exists as conservative elements in our government policy, but a fake imitation; and while there is a whole bunch of predators in DC or New York no matter what the symble or labels they put on themselves (even Hiliary Clinton is just a phony liberal by James)?

Regardless whatever James said, there is one fact or truth by Roy Smith that James can't deny it.  We Americans have created more wealth in the past 30 years, after Reagan took over the power, than ever before.  So there are some good questions for us to ask ourselves, such as:

1) Is the idea of "small government" or deregulation really contributing to create so huge wealth? And how it works compared to GWB-Obama's "big government spending"?  If it does help, then it is a good philosophy.  The mess we are facing now is something down the road, after or during prosperity was created, that we have to fix.

2) What went wrong while we are witnessing American poverty is deepening and so wide-spread when we created prosperity so huge that a hundred times more than the past;

3) Did we make our society more equal by our political, social, economic, or financial systems?  How the bigwigs of corporation took over the majority of wealth using those institutional frameworks?

4) In addition to the current so-called "independent" (in realty, we know it can be anything but "independent") commission to decide those fat cats' perks or benefits which is deemed "corrupted", Do we need some kind of acceptable social decision on how those CEO should be more fairly rewarded?  As James mentioned, this can not be just a economic consideration. 

I have been supporting Sarah since she surfaced up on national planet. Very recently it appears that she dislikes the term "retarded" against White house Chief staff. It surprised me as I watched the Californian famous lady "human right" attorney Red put the label "sex discriminators" on those businessmen who imprint Tiger Wood's mistresses faces on Golf balls (NOTE: I am 100% for "Made in USA." If I put its logo American flag on gulf balls to let people hit it or on shoes to have people stepped on, do you think you could accuse me of committing "treason?" Yes, MS. Red could do that in her shallow, liberal and subjective perspective.) Are we going to have mass censorship like China in the age of Cultural Revolution? What's the big deal for us to ask our society to change "salesman" into " salesperson"?

So my basic position is what Sarah is going to restore the Right movement by declaring some clear-cut vital policy for our people to initially and easily understand what "a big government" went wrong and to strive for what is good to the country from our root.  She has to stand up for the average citizen as President Reagan to against the model of "CEO rule of USA."  Therefore, it is so urgent for her to tell people what the fundamental thoughts of her belief are. She has no time in dancing with those "symptoms," but to point out what the causes she is going to cure are.

Looking at Sarah's play in trivia game like "retarded" name-fighting, (Yes, we use "you're retarded" when you are late for the class. What's wrong with that? Are we going to change it into "you are HANDICAPPED"?) I felt sorry for her. She is wasting her energy.  Time is running out for those more important.

Sarah, you do have the Charisma character as Ronald had for people to love. Don't spoil it. You have to go back to the right track of road, please.

Joe Jackson
Keller Williams Capital Partners Realty - Columbus, OH
Clintonville and Central Ohio Real Estate Expert

It will be interesting to see if she really runs for Presidnet in 2012

Feb 10, 2010 05:01 AM
Wallace S. Gibson, CPM
Gibson Management Group, Ltd. - Charlottesville, VA

Ed * you should understand that Sarah was CONTACTED directly by advocacy group for the retarded as they had attempted to get a retracting/apology directly from the White House (remember this is not the first time this has happed from this Administration) and when they did not get a resonse, they asked her for help so Sarah put it out on her Facebook and it got traction.

Frankly, this is the SIGN of a LEADER to me....

Feb 10, 2010 05:04 AM
Ed Tse
richvalley - Florence, TX

To Wallace,

As Ronald Reagan said, "you please nobody if you try to please everybody."  A stateman clear the eyes of the followers to lead, rule and regulate (sorry, it is to govern as a government, not to manage as a CEO); a politician follows others to say whatever they want to hear.

There are so many things more important than that term or noun for Sarah.  Don't sway and be trapped.  If she does fall into the trap, she would be just qualified as another guest in the late show to talk about lipstick on pig. 

Feb 10, 2010 05:16 AM