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Harrisonburg, Virginia (VA) Real Estate Law: Deeds

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Although the cost of preparing a deed in Virginia is usually within a fixed range, choosing a qualified real estate attorney to prepare it is essential to ensuring the success of your real estate transaction.  There are different types of deeds and the kind you need may vary.

A General Warranty Deed is most commonly used to convey real estate.  The General Warranty Deed guarantees that the title conveyed is good and its transfer is proper. A General Warranty Deed includes a promise by the person making it (i.e. the Grantor / Seller) that he/she will defend the Grantee (the person getting the property) from any and all claims of others. A General Warranty Deed is used in most real estate deed transfers and offers the greatest protection of any deed.

Deeds can also be used to convey interests related to property other than ownership, such as the right to use a shared entrance or drive.  Learn more at www.clintsellers.com

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