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The Importance of Lighting When Designing A Room-The Basics

Lighting should compliment your lifestyle and suit you and your families needs.

When designing a room, planning for lighting should come after you have already completed the furniture layout.

There are three types of lighting;

General- also known as ambient lighting. This is lighting that provides overall illumination in a space, and offers a comfortable level of brightness.

(eg. ceiling fixtures-potlights, flush or chandelier lighting)

Task- is named as such because it provides one with lighting that allows an individual to perform specific tasks in a room such as reading and writing.

(eg. table or floor lamps, even mini-pendants in the kitchen)

Accent-(mood)  has no functional reason, but adds drama to a space.

(eg. picture light, light shining up in foilage of a tropical plant)

A successful interior incorporates all three types of lighting into an area according to function and style.

Hanging a Chandelier Over A  Kitchen or Dining Room Table

A common mistake I see with homeowners is in the scale or height of a chandelier that they have hanging over a table.

A rule of thumb for size of the chandelier-

you can either; measure a rooms length and width in feet, add the numbers together and convert it into inches.

Now you have the diameter of the chandelier you should use for that room.

(eg. length-15'  width 16' --add these together-- 31'--convert to inches--31" should be the diameter)

If it is to hang over a table, the diameter should be approximately 3/4 the width of the table.

The height of the chandelier-

The bottom of the chandelier should be 30 - 32 " above the table.


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Comments (9)

Vicki Watzlawick
CORE Realty (The Watz Team) - Algonquin, IL
Illinois Foreclosure Expert, The Watz Team
Julia Thanks for the Chandelier lesson!  I love your Company name! I like this short and sweet lesson so much I'm going to check out your other lessons.
Jul 16, 2007 02:31 PM
Betty Haney
Haney Consulting - Calgary, AB
I love how your accent lamp (did I get that right?) pairs so well with the chandelier.  Just beautiful.  Betty
Jul 16, 2007 02:40 PM
Provadus Home Loans
Provadus Home Loans - Marietta, GA
Technology bringing you home.
Well done.  I really like what you have done to the space, the color yellow  makes the room like warm!
Jul 16, 2007 03:33 PM
Jackson West
Reveal Estate Home Staging - Vancouver - Vancouver, BC
Great tips on chandeliers here Julia! Keep 'em coming.
Jul 16, 2007 11:43 PM
Julia Fedak
Platinum Home Designs - Oakville, ON

Jackson...you are my mentor! (whether you like it or not!!:))

thank you..


Jul 17, 2007 09:34 AM
Lynette Lawson
Starlight Design - Yucaipa, CA
Inland Empire, CA Home Staging

Hi Julia

Great info. One learns new things daily thanks.


Jul 17, 2007 11:17 AM
Julia Fedak
Royal LePage State Realty - Ancaster, ON

Thanks, Lynette...I hope stagers and the public alike find this helpful.

It's crazy how many homes that I go into that have poor lighting!


Jul 17, 2007 02:51 PM
Penny Schoenbeck
AZ Home Styling & Redesign - Mesa, AZ
AZ Home Styling

Hi Julia,

Great tips, thanks for posting. Lighting is very important it makes all the differance!

Jul 17, 2007 03:18 PM
Julia Fedak
Royal LePage State Realty - Ancaster, ON

Thanks for your post,Penny. Another tip....dimmer switches are handy for the bedroom (especially if one gains a few pounds!)


Jul 18, 2007 03:09 AM