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Oklahoma Streets and weather damage

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Lately, when driving in Warr Acres and the Oklahoma City area, you really have to beware of the huge spots of missing asphalt.  Due to the freezing rain and snow, a lot of damage has been done to the local streets.  I'm sure the snowplows that cleared the streets probably chipped a few chunks out, as well as water getting underneath and expanding as it froze the payment out of it's place.

One has to drive cautiously to avoid tearing up a tire or damaging your car's suspension.  I drive a full size truck and there are some holes that scare me.  If you drive a small car, you could probably total it out by hitting some of the new craters that have appeared in the last few months.

Until these cavities are repaired, please use a lot of caution when driving.  The lane next to the curb seems to be the worst, at least on N.W. 63rd Street passing though Oklahoma City and Warr Acres.  If you see a dangerous pot hole, don't hesitate to call your City's Street Maintenance department and report it.  You will need to be patient while these repairs are being made, and learn to avoid the bad spots.  Asphalt is not very plyable duing the cold days and and I'm sure repairs are being delayed until most of the winter has past.

Rick Jackson

Luke Constantino
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The New York City area is famous for potholes. The last one I hit had a piece of steel sticking out of it and gave me a flat!

Feb 10, 2010 11:09 PM
Rick Jackson
Dreams Do Comer True - Edmond, OK
Oklahoma City Real Estate

Thanks for your feedback Luke,

I'm sure a lot of cities are experiencing pothole problems.  It would be interesting to hear from other areas, and maybe someone who lives where the issue is dealt with more efficiently.

Feb 10, 2010 11:25 PM