Billerica Power Plan Project Abondoned

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10 February 2010

Greetings with good news for the New Year!

As you may have heard, the investors in the Billerica power plant have abandoned the project.  Montgomery Energy Billerica Power Partners of Magnolia, Texas and their local agent, DG Clean Power, announced on February 3, 2010 that they no longer have an interest in the project.

This is a significant development for the communities near the proposed site in Billerica, but there are also implications for other projects in the state.  Questions of financial viability are again being raised relative to the proposed Brockton power plant, the Westfield power plant, and the Russell biomass wood-burning power plant.  The numbers have never borne out the need for this additional power and it appears the market is now confirming this reality.  

Thank you to the many citizens who shared their concern by writing emails, attending meetings, contacting legislators, distributing flyers, and just raising general awareness of this issue in so many communities. Thank you to our legislative delegations as well.  We hope you will continue to follow the power plant projects still underway, and we will keep you informed should another, similar issue surface.  

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