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Change We Can Believe IN

       This was the theme of a recent election. Many of you probably remember the posters, commercials and campaign. The slogan was brilliant. There is a romance in what is new. An appeal to embrace a new path. However, how often do we take that new path? At what point do we not only fall in love with the idea but allow it to drive us to making true change?

       How does Change occur? What is the impetus for it to happen?

1. Change occurs when the pain to remain the same is too great.

Only you can control the change that can take place. Part of the disenchantment by many is the realization that a slogan and one person's idea is not enough to change a nation, system or club. You can however, change yourself. You can change the way you act, speak, work and live.
Every year millions of people make new years resolutions and every year by February 1st- one month later they have been cast aside. Why is that? Many times these resolutions are "ifs" and "hope to" not a MUST do. Only when the pain or pending outcome will result in disaster do people truly change.
It seems as though a diet or working out is on everyone's list each year. Most stop within 60 days. Yet, those with dietary needs or cancer that MUST change their diet DO in order to survive- in order to continue living.

2. You can not change someone else

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