Change Your Mindset and Thrive in Your Business This Year – Part 2 of 3

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I want this series on my blog where I can refer to it and play it forward.

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"The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office." Robert Frost

The secret to success in real estate - and in life - is much closer than many of us realize: it's right inside our head.

During my years of helping agents, I've found three distinctions that separate the successful from those who constantly yearn. It's based on attitude. And the good news is, by shifting your mindset, you can see dramatic results.

Abundance vs. Scarcity

One attitude I've seen over and over again in my consulting business is what I call the "scarcity mindset." The premise goes like this: business opportunities are limited, so I have to work with every prospect who comes my way.

Listen up. Stop working with the jerks. Life is too short. The scarcity mindset causes horrible decisions. If people have needs you can't address, don't work with them. If someone wants commercial property, farmland, or a house outside your area, refer them to another agent who's qualified to help them. I guarantee it will be the highest dollar per hour you'll make and the client will be better served.

Believe there's plenty of business. So get choosy about working with those who fit your target market and your skills. And remember this: the universe reflects back to you the most dominant thoughts you have. Do your thoughts support your vision for your business? If not, the consciousness of the thoughts you are putting out there is the first step to changing your negative thought patterns.

Make A Commitment:  I will focus on what I want for my business and KNOW that there are more than enough clients for me to work with.

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Bob Corcoran

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