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Today I was thinking about all of the marvelous relationships I've built over the years.  By the time the transaction was complete, I felt like a member of the family.  There was a true bond and friendship that quickly developed because they felt and knew that their happiness was the ultimate goal.  Everything else was "gravy"... While friendship doesn't seem important, I think it is.  The only way for both of us to be comfortable is to know that we're appreciated and that what we are doing together matters.  I take those relationships so very seriously.  I like to believe that they do, too.  Hopefully you'll agree.

When I get holiday cards and pictures of the kids growing up, wow!... that's special!!! To be given the opportunity to make people's dreams happen, it's an incredible feeling.  I reflect back on the first time home buyers...or the family moving away that needs lots of emotional support to say "goodbye" to their home.  All of the in-betweens.  It is amazing.  I believe that no matter what part of the country you live in, select the Realtor that you feel a connection with.  Just like selecting your new home that gives you that AHA! moment, I think you can feel that with a Realtor, too.  I know when I've made that connection with a buyer or seller, too.  Sometimes it comes over a little bit of time, but I know right away that we've got what it takes to make the experience a very positive one. 

Unlike buying or selling anything else, a Realtor is in it for the long haul with you.  It's not like buying a car or a room full of furniture... where the transaction most of the time begins and ends on the same day.  Select a real estate professional that puts you and your life first.  It doesn't matter if you're buying a $40,000 condo or a multi-million dollar property.  The same time and energy should go into any transaction as they both require the same amount of dedication. 


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