Can I Get Listing Agents Opinions About A "Walk Through" Home Inspection For Sellers Please

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Like most home inspection companies, Selman Home Inspection offers the traditional buyers home inspections. And, as an InterNACHI certified home inspector, I also offer "Move In Certified" Seller Home Inspections which are the same as a traditional home inspection but are geared to provide marketing advantages for sellers and their listing agents. 

I often here that the biggest reason sellers don't want to do a Seller Home inspection is the cost. They simply don't want to spend $275 to better market their home and remove the surprises. (I don't know why)

So, today I had an idea (not yet sure how good it is). What if a home inspector such as myself offered to perform something like, "Walk Through" home inspections or "Seller Consulting Inspections"? 

The idea is to bridge the gap for those who want to help their home sell without the full expense of a complete, written home inspection. I am a certified, licensed home inspector and, I am considering offering a walk through style inspection. The idea is that the seller or listing agent can hire an inspector (me) to walk through a home with them. The client can ask questions about any item they like, and the inspector can verbally point out items a buyers inspection might report. There would be no inspection report from the inspector, only notes written by the current owner or listing agent. And, the price would be about half the cost of a seller home inspection.

As listing agents, would this be of value to you and your clients? Would it be worth $150 for about an hour and a half of a professional inspectors time to verbally consult sellers and listing agents about the property condition? Would this cost effective seller inspection help eliminate surprises from the traditional buyer inspection?

Are there any TREC or SOP limitations? Pros, cons... thoughts....opinions...

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and your ideas for bridging a gap and, helping agents improve their real estate sales. My desire is to increase home inspection income and, provide an innovative solution that helps prevent real estate deals from failing due to buyer inspection results.


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Norm Werner
Real Estate One - Milford, MI
Helping the first time and every time

We kicked ariound the same idea locally and just couldn't make the case for it. There is a bit of "ignorance is bliss" mentality at work here. SOme buyers just don't want to know. There was also some "then we'd have to report the problems on the Seller's Diclosure" push back, too. The cost was a concern for many, even a modest cost. There was also the issue of how much of an inspection one could get on a walk-thru. Most experienced Realtors can find the simple visual things that might pop out on a walk-thru, so they might ask what is the value of having you do it. It's the stuff that you find in the attic, on the roof, in the crawl space or other areas that Realtors don't normally want to go that might have real value. Just my two cents worth... 

Feb 11, 2010 08:11 AM
David Selman
Selman Home Inspections, Inc. - Dallas, TX
Certified Master Home Inspector

Thanks Norm. I understand. I have had the same thoughts. My idea is a little more though. I would be happy to point out deficiencies in all areas and let the client make their own notes. And, the client could ask questions about anything they like.

I appreciate your thoughts and will certainly consider what you said before deciding how and whether or not to take a shot at it.

Feb 15, 2010 04:07 AM
Gene Allen
Fathom Realty - Cary, NC
Realty Consultant for Cary Real Estate

Not sure if I would like you to dilute the inspection process too much.  Sellers really need to get it done but they don't.

Feb 15, 2010 11:49 AM
Mike Gillingham
Eastern Iowa Inspection Services LLC - Walker, IA

Frankly I like the idea. I would call it something like a pre listing walk through. You go through all the motions of the inspection pointing out what you see, offer advice etc, but leave out the actual report. This would enable the home owner to be proactive and get things fixed ahead of time. As far as the comment from Norm about disclosing things that are found I guess different strokes for different folks. Here in Eastern Iowa the disclosure statement includes different catagories depending on what area you operate in. I think defects should be disclosed anyway that way they can be fixed! Now all we have to do is figure out how to market the idea. Give me a hollar if you have any ideas.

Feb 18, 2010 07:40 AM

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