Get ready to Stage in Spring...Westchester County Home Stager

Home Stager with Homestyling101, Westchester County

Spring is a time for fresh starts: It inspires new thoughts, change and growth. The excitement that surrounds this time of year is both exhilarating and contagious and it inspired me to think of new ways to share the passion I have for Staging with my colleagues in the Real Estate community.

Are you inspired to change this year? Consider this: Do you want your sales to surpass last year’s sales? Do you want your listings in 2010 to sell faster than your listings did in 2009? What are you going to do differently this year to achieve these new goals? Staging can be just the change you need!

* Staging will give your listing a competitive edge in the marketplace! If your product looks better than the competition it will get more attention than the competition and be considered to be worth more than the competition!

* A Staged home will command a higher selling price than a Non-Staged home. This creates a win-win situation! When the homeowner invests in having their home Staged, they stand to earn a higher selling price than before and therefore you, the Realtor, stand to earn a higher commission!

* Staging costs you, the Realtor, NOTHING! All you have to do is suggest Staging!

Now is the time to push through the fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar and try something new. Suggest Staging in your listing presentations! When you suggest Staging as an additional marketing tool to your potential clients, it will tell them that not only are you a Realtor who is in touch with the newest practices in the Real Estate community but that you are going to do everything possible to set their home up for a successful sale! It will set you apart from other Realtors and set your listings apart from other listings. Now is the time to incorporate Staging into every listing presentation! What do you have to lose?

* Staging your listing will maximize its potential and maximize the profits while maximizing your commission as well!

How do you start incorporating Staging into your listing presentations? Call Homestyling101 and we will send you a personalized letter that you can print out and include in all of your listing folders. It will distinguish you as a Preferred Realtor and include a special discount coupon towards Staging services. Homestyling101 will also send congratulatory emails to all your new listings welcoming them as your clients and offering them discounted Staging services just for listing with you, our preferred Realtor! Homestyling101 offers free estimates on your listings. We can do as little or as much as the client would like or what the budget allows!

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