Can We Put Carson Valley REOs and Incentivised Buyers Together?

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Can We Put Carson Valley REOs and Incentivised Buyers Together?Carson Valley Homes

As we all know, the deadline approaches for participation in the government sponsored homebuyer tax credit. But there may be a way to work this to an even greater economic advantage. If the government would rapidly push lenders to release foreclosed homes and get them on the market now, then they would become availabe to buyers incentivised by the tax credit.

David Lininger, RE/MAX International Chairman, speaking at the Five Star Government Conference in Washington DC today is encouraging the government to push lenders in this direction, and hopefully they will act so that this influx of buyers can take advantage of a greater availability of bargain homes.

Banks, of course, have a duty to their shareholders and they need to get them the greatest return possible, but maybe they should do the reverse of "dollar cost averaging" and see if the national economic climate responds.


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