$25 Could Save You or Someone a BIG HEADACHE.

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$25 COULD HAVE SAVED A HEADACHED - While a friend of mine was away for Thanksgiving some neighbors of his called him to tell him that a hose had burst on his washer and flooded his house in an inch of water....for several days. So, then came the drying process using super dryers. The water had crept up the wall about a... foot. He lost some furniture and a few books. All this mess could have been prevented had he bought flexible stainless steel mesh hoses. They are virtually burst proof. They cost about $25 and worth every penny plus some good peace of mind. They are easily found at most hardware stores. It is; however, always a good idea to cut the water off to your house if you are going to be gone for more than a day. You just never know when a leak could happen.

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Pat Champion
John Roberts Realty - Eustis, FL
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Great tip for the homeowner I bet your friend wish he knew the tip before this happened to him it could have saved him a lot of problems.

Feb 12, 2010 08:11 AM
Carole L. MacCollum
Broker/Realtor 207-337-4792

I always counsel my home sellers and home buyers to do this!  I've seen what can happen - including when the washer hose burst during an inspection!  When that happened, I headed straight for the hardware store after the inspection was over!

Feb 12, 2010 08:17 AM
Barry Smith
Excellent Service Realty - Saint Petersburg, FL


Pat, Unfortunately, I did tell him about it, but he did not act on it. He even said to me when he was telling me about it, I wished I had listened. Oh well, "water" under the bridge now and how many X $25 a headache. To anyone reading this...REPLACE THEM NOW. IT'S ONLY $25.

Feb 12, 2010 05:07 PM