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We from time to time see the same things on our Phoenix Home Inspections. If folks were a little pro active they could improve their home significantly and therefor reduce the stress involved with selling their home. The best approach of course would be to regularly look at your home and make adjustments and repairs when things are first noticed to reduce the overall cost and extend the working life of various components. If you can't do the regular maintenance then at least look at the home prior to listing the home for sale.

The most common items we see are as follows:

Faucets dripping , loose faucets, toilets running, leaking toilets, active leaks under sink vanity's, broken windows, damaged or missing window screes, windows that don't lock, dirty air filters, broken thermostats, garage door openers that don't function properly, damaged roof shingles, cracked concrete roof tiles, A/C condesing units out of level, water heaters that are leaking, No drip pan under a water heater, general over all cleanliness, burned out light bulbs, doors that don't lock or close correctly, Garage door openers that are not adjusted correctly, garage doors that need service.

The list could go on, however I think you get the point. Everything on this list is fixable and for little time and money. The overall condition of the home could be vastly improved if these items were maintained and worked on a little at a time throughout the year instead of at the time of the sale.


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