What Buyers In San Antonio Want

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Heritage - Luxury Homes Division



 I love working for both buyers and sellers. It helps me see a prospective listing through a buyers eyes -which helps my sellers.  It also helps me understand where a seller is coming from when they make a counter offer.  I tell all buyers  the #1 thing to keep in mind when buying is.....SELLING.   If the home is going to be hard to sell in the future, then it is probably not a good buy now. 

Houses - like fashion - go thru trends.  For my first house in the early eighties, all we wanted was a wet bar and a hot tub. Now it is quite obvious which homes followed that trend. 

What buyers want now are large open kitchens, green and energy efficient homes and home offices.  I am also seeing more requests for stone and brick combination exteriors and stucco.  Homes in our area always sell faster if the master bedroom is on the first floor.  Our hot summers call for high SEER air conditioners and ceiling fans and highly insulated attics.  Outdoor kitchens are now all the rage, also.

 Buyers and sellers might want to keep these things in mind.

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