What made you fall in love ?

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Don't wait until you decide to sell your home to start painting and repairing... do it now that you are living and enjoying it.. do it for you and your family.. a buyer always notice when an owner has taken care of his/her home.
And you, as a buyer, what made you fall in love with your new home?

In a buyer's market, the seller needs to understand that the competition is tougher today than what it was in the recent past. The days when most homes, even without a coat of fresh new paint would get multiple offers are gone. Now the buyer has many options to choose from, and most of the time, either the seller needs to agree with a price reduction or he/she needs to make some investments to repair/update the house in order to competitively position it in the market.

These are some ideas:

Remodeling projects that add the most value include:

  • Kitchen improvements - both major (completely re-hauled) and minor (flooring, countertops, new appliances, repainting, etc.).
  • Bathroom remodeling or building an additional bathroom.
  • Building a large addition to the home - for example, an annex that includes a family room, bedroom, and full bath.
  • Adding a new room or bedroom.
  • Repainting the exterior or getting new siding.
The least returns on your investment include:
  • Roof replacement.
  • Sunroom addition.
  • Home office addition.
  • Deck addition.
  • Window replacement.

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