Record Snow, Power Outage, Moving Day, Valentine Dinner Postponed

Home Stager with Staged by Dream Weavers

Oh my, what a weekend! It all started last Thursday and Friday with record snowfalls in north central and north east Texas. Much of my family lives in the Dallas area, and they got twelve inches of snow! Power was out all over, including our own, for close to 24 hours. I know this is nothing compared to what the east coast has experienced this year, so kudos to all you guys for enduring the winter of 2010. It is certainly one we will never forget. We even had our coveted white Christmas this season.

This weekend also happened to be moving day for our daughter and her famlily. And yes, we staged their home and they got a buyer in less than three weeks! Yea for home staging! Even in a down market, staging makes sense. With fewer buyers out there looking, sellers can certainly use that competative edge.

We made the drive to Arlington (near Dallas) to help with the move. Thankfully the roads were not too bad. It all went well except for when the seller stood in the doorway and stopped the moving-in process for a few hours. It seems there was a slip-up and they were given the key before the title company had acuually funded the seller's account. There were worries it might not all happen until Tuesday, since Monday (today) is a holiday. Anyway, it all worked out and they are settling into their new home.

I heard this was a down year for Valentine's Day with the 14th falling on a Sunday. We were so busy driving back and forth and helping with the move, my husband and I have planned or Valentine dinner for tonight. I do have a dozen pink roses on my counter, and he has a new Starbuck's gift card, so all is well.

So, it's Monday, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at The Women's Council of Realtors on Wednesday. Have a good week!

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