Jeffrey T. Ledford is Georgia's New Real Estate Commissioner

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I hope you're all join me in congratulating Jeff Ledford as our new Real Estate Commissioner.  I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Ledford as Deputy RE Commissioner this past year through my position as Vice Chairman of GAR's State and Local Government committee.  Mr. Ledford worked closely with then Commissioner Charles Clark on helping us past new legistlation to clear up a problem in license law that did not allow a licensee to directly contact another agent's client that was not providing negiotation services as part of their listing service.  Mr. Ledford worked tirelessly with us beginning in March 2006 to help draft this legislation, get it apporved first by the Board of Directors of GAR and then passed into law through both houses of our State Legislator. 

 I found Mr. Ledford to be fair and honest in all his dealings with our committees and subcommittees and know that he will continue to work with our state association in the same manner in which we have grown accustomed to during his predecessors years as commissioner.  We are fortunate in the State of Georgia to have the Commission and working relationship that we have with our commission.

 Again, please congratulate Jeff Ledford whenever you have the opportunity.


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Lisa Thomas

Mr. Ledford,

My name is Lisa Thomas, I lived in Georgia for 3 years and received my Real Estate License while living there. I moved to TN 5 years ago and haven't practiced Real Estate since, my question to you is, How do I go about finding out if my license are still current or if they have expired? The End of Renewal date on my card is 7/31/09 but I was thinking that I had retired them until I decided to start back so I wasn't sure if that date would be accurate. My card is listed as: Lisa S. Thomas/Salesperson 282288/Keller Williams Realty Lanier Partn/Firm# H-44438.

Thank you for you attention to this matter.



Lisa Thomas

Aug 26, 2010 06:14 AM