Are we worth our fee?

Home Stager with Transformed Rooms

I don't know about you but I always prefer to get paid for the work I do.  The question is are we worth the money?  Yes we are!!  We have all heard and know the comments made about real estate agents and how some sellers would rather do it themselves than pay someone else a fee.  In today's ever changing market I say"Good Luck". 

Would you trust just anybody to perform work on your car?  Would you trust someone with no education or training to perform surgery on you or your loved ones?  I don't think so.

That is why I am reaching out to all of you and encouraging you to employ the services of a trained Real Estate Stager to properly stage your listing for the sales market.  The longer you wait the longer it will delay the sale of the property. 

Call or email today and schedule a consultation.  


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