Now that you’re “Ahead” what are you doing with yourself?

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Now that you’ve worked hard and found the magical destination we call “Ahead” what are you doing with yourself?

Early in our careers as we learn our craft we tend to follow the “work hard” edict because we lack the experience needed to be efficient.

Later in our careers we reach a turning point where we’ve gained the experience we need and can start to be much more efficient in the way we go about our tasks.  This is meant to be the “work smart, not hard” edict.

For my Gen Y friends, this turning point will be hard to find as there’s no specific milestone event, rather it’s one of those ripples on the road. 

As you recognize this turning point, you have a conscious choice to make;

a) do I follow the edict, “work smart, not hard” maximizing the benefit of my experience and use the spare time created by my efficiency to do something else – volunteer, mentor, take up a new hobby or sport?

b) do I keep working hard spinning the wheel like a hamster in search of the next destination called “ahead”?  this might be a new career; taking up a more challenging role; further education; perhaps an entrepreneurial venture?

There is no right or wrong to the choices outlined below, the key is to recognize the turning point and have a plan in place for yourself and what you want to do with your time.

Efficiency and time management are not just measures of corporate productivity.  They can be used equally as effectively (if not more effectively) when applied to the big picture and used to embrace balance in lives.

Meagan Hill is a Commercial Real Estate Investments Specialist and Principal of NAI Jackson Hole servicing the Jackson Hole WY and Teton Valley ID markets.

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