Land Use & Development Consulting Services for Builders

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Land Planning

Provide Yield Studies in order to test various residential, retail, commercial, office, mixed-use, recreation, agriculture and conservation easement programs. Prepare site base maps for preliminary submittals.

Urban and Landscape Design

Develop the project’s vision through the use of imagery and written project descriptions in order to submit preliminary and formal city review applications. Prepare presentation quality graphics as necessary to support the various stages of the approval process including colored sketch plans, AutoCAD exhibits, Powerpoint presentations, land use diagrams, massing studies and site section cuts.

Neighborhood & Site Context Analysis

Clearly identify and document the opportunities, constraints and contextual influences affecting a properties highest and best use applicable to many stages of the development process.

Feasibility Support

Provide site plan and architectural statistics for each project alternative pro forma including site data, city fees, comparable housing sales price scatter charts, and development cost estimates.


Locate and organize city, county, state and federal land use policy factors relevant to potential land development proposals.

Environmental Services

Lead or assist the environmental permit processing, schedules, budgets, contracts and mitigation plan approvals through local, state and federal agencies including, Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, Fish and Game, Regional Water, LAFCO, CEQA, NEPA and BCDC.

Entitlement Processing

Lead or assist the processing, schedules, budgets and contracts for local government approvals including Design Review, Neighborhood Meetings, project design and vision consultant management and coordination, staff design solution discussions and public comment and testimony.


Our Mission to Builders

Efficiently and effectively support Builders and Land Development Companies to evaluate, acquire and gain necessary approvals to develop land profitably. Provide various development services as an outsource alternative to Builders and Land Development Companies.

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