Central Oregon Gets an Upgrade - whoo hoo

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Yesterday I found out what Technical Hell is - I was scheduled for an all day class, had a couple transactions needing constant attention and buyers out there asking questions.  On my way to my class my "smart phone" melted down and gave me a fatal blue screen.

Upon arriving at the class and connecting to the wifi I felt I was back in control even if I could not use my phone I could get my messages through and keep my world moving.  Email, twitter, facebook, life was good.  Then I realized I was not getting any responses to my email - that was odd.  Oh great the wifi will not allow outgoing email - great - no phone - no out going email - Calgon take me away.

During our lunch break - I ran to the Cell phone carrier - and yelled HELP!!!!!  The sales clerk was awesome - wish I had gotten her name - anyway - we got me all set up with a new phone - and as I was setting it up - I told her I was surprised at how much faster this phone was - that was when my day went from hell to heaven.

U.S. Cellular in Central Oregon FINALLY HAS G3 - whooo hoo - I am one happy girl - things are moving in the right direction.


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Lisa Hill
Florida Property Experts - Daytona Beach, FL
Daytona Beach Real Estate

You didn't have 3G before now?  O_O  They do know that we now have 4G is some areas, right? lol. I'd be the worst nightmare of every carrier in the state if I lived there! They'd be begging me to leave. LOL!!!

Feb 19, 2010 04:03 PM
Mike Jones
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Mike Jones NMLS 223495


Ya gotta love it when things work out for the better!

Mike in Tucson

Feb 19, 2010 09:50 PM
Thesa Chambers
West + Main - Bend, OR
Principal Broker - Licensed in Oregon

Teri - funny how much we depend on technology now

Lisa - Nope - we did not even have highspeed until about 5 years ago

Mike - sure do - it has been a happy day

Feb 20, 2010 11:46 AM
Jared Hokanson
Hokanson Realty & Jared Realty Group - Medford, OR
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I used to have US Cellular but just got too frustrated with their slow internet on my smart phone, so I made the switch to Sprint, been very happy with them.  Glad to hear US Cellular has stepped up to 3G.

Feb 25, 2010 03:32 PM
Thesa Chambers
West + Main - Bend, OR
Principal Broker - Licensed in Oregon

Spint did not give us coverage in most of our area so I have always stayed with US Cell because of the safety of having service where others did not.... but am very happy now -

Feb 25, 2010 03:39 PM