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Wow Buyers at Every Showing...Staging Gets Avon, Westlake and Lorain County OH Homes Sold!

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If you think you can't afford to hire a home stager, or redesigner,  real estate broker JoAnn Abercrombie of Keller Williams Greater Cleveland West has put together a few tips to help you wow buyers at every showing, and stay ahead of the competition, by capturing potential buyers the moment they step inside your home.  JoAnn knows that staging gets Avon, Westlake, and Lorain County OH homes sold, and JoAnn knows how important it is to stage your home to make it "Show Ready", and she recommends doing these things to prepare your home to sell:

1. Declutter, Depersonalize and Clean!  Nothing makes a home appear bigger, brighter and wow a buyer more than for it to be clean, free of clutter and excess furnishings.  Clear out the closets, the bookcases, and anything that makes it too personally yours.  Nothing makes a space seem smaller than having every nook and cranny packed to the brim; having the closets jam-packed just screams to a prospective buyer that there is a lack of storage space  And adding a double rod in your closets can visually enlarge even a small closet. 

To get rid of all your excess furnishings, forget about having a garage sale, donate and take the tax deduction...pack up things that you haven't used in the past year, and donate them to your favorite charity...then claim the receipt and tax savings.  Most likely, you'll find that you end up better off than what you could end up with after a garage sale, and with a lot less effort! 

Take your family photos off the wall and off the mantle, pack them up, and that puts you one step closer to making your move.  A buyer will have a much easier time visualizing himself living in your home, if he doesn't also have to imagine your family members and your memorabilia not being in the home.  A clean slate, much like a model home, gives even the least imaginative buyer the ability to see himself and his things in your home.  And that's what you're hoping for!  And once you have cleared out all the clutter and depersonalized, clean, clean, clean, like you've never cleaned before.  Every crevasse within your home should be spotless and gleaming. 

2. Ditch the Offensive, and Accentuate the Positive!  To wow buyers at every showing, it's important to remove all the opinionated, comical, sentimental knick-knacks, paddywacks, and put away your dog's bone!  All those magnets that weigh down your refrigerator, the pink flamingos, bendovers, the glass gazing balls in the flower beds, the bobbleheads, posters,  political and religious memorabilia may be great conversation pieces, but for potential buyers they may just as easily be the thing that turns them away.  Don't take the chance that buyers may not share your opinions or sense of humor, instead pack those things away to display in your new digs. 

Put Fido's dog bowl, his bed, the large bag of dog food, and his big chew bone out of sight, out of mind.  Even the biggest pet lover may not love your pet.  Shampoo carpets and upholstery, and spray some Febreeze diluted in water around to remove Fido's scent.  After all, Fido doesn't stay with the home!  To add a fragrant appeal to your home, nothing works better than baking some cinnamon rolls in the oven an hour before a showing, or just sprinkle cinnamon alone on a cookie sheet, and bake it on low in the oven for ten minutes before a showing, then crack the oven door open to allow the aroma to sweeten the aura of your home.  It will go a long way to wow potential buyers by making your home seem ever so delightful!

3. Focus on a Focal Point!  Be it a lovely fireplace, a picture window with a great view, custom built-in bookcases, flaunt it.  Open the curtains, show the lovely view, and arrange the furniture so that the seating area faces the focal point. These are the features that will make the buyer say wow at every showing.  Don't make the mistake of hiding your home's best features, as those are the things that will win the buyer over and will sell him on your home.  Those "wow" factors are what will translate into cha-ching in your pocketbook.  Add some key accent lighting to spotlight that gorgeous fireplace, or that rich built-in bookcase.  Leather bound books positioned on their sides, stacked in groups of three, interspersed with a few brass or glass accent pieces, can turn a bookcase into a showcase. 

Fresh flowers, tasteful accent pillows, a nice lap throw placed over the arm of a sofa, a rich area rug that adds to the continuity of the seating area, will make a room warm and inviting.  And nothing shows off those focal points better than does a fresh neutral coat of paint on the walls, in tones of off-white to mocha with cream, which will likely compliment any buyer's furnishings and taste. 

4. Make Yourself Scarce for the Big Event!  Don't try to be a wall-flower, and hang around for the showing.  No one feels comfortable lingering long in a home when the homeowner is lurking just around the corner.  And it's nearly impossible to get buyers to open up and chat about your home with each other and their agent if you're within earshot.  That may be the very best opportunity their agent will have to sell them on your home's great points, and you want that time to work for you.  Paint the mood, by slipping on some light jazz music, no vocals, in the background, for showings.  Wow the buyers at every showing, make your home hard to leave, and maybe they won't want to! 

But JoAnn Abercrombie stresses that even the best-staging can't make up for over-pricing your home.  For more tips on staging your home to sell, check out JoAnn's staging tips and how staging gets Avon, Westlake and Lorain County OH homes sold, as well as more invaluable info at www.joannsellshouses.com.  JoAnn has been a top-producing real estate broker for over 25 years, in the Avon, Westlake, N Ridgeville Ohio area, serving all of Lorain County and the western Cleveland suburbs.  JoAnn would be happy to give you a free market evaluation of what your home should sell for in today's real estate market.  Give her a call at 440-781-1924 or email her at joannlovesrealestate@yahoo.com .