Sellers: Settlement Day "Must Haves"

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So you are getting ready to close the deal on your home and go to settlement. 

Everything is packed and waiting for the mover.  You've remembered to notify the utilities and forward your mail.

Here is a good checklist for the day of closing.


Original content by Marcie Sandalow

Sellers:  Settlement Day "Must Haves"

I've written a bunch of articles recently entitled: Your offer has been accepted... So, now what?   In it I detail what buyers should bring to the settlement table.  However, I've yet to spell it out for Sellers, so here goes:

  1. Keys.  Sounds silly, but I've attended a few closings where the only set of keys provided were from the listing agent.  Gather up all of your keys, including the ones for the back door, shed, garage, (etc...) and bring them to the settlement.  Label them and you'll look like a hero in your Buyer's eyes.
  2. Photo i.d.  A drivers license or passport should do it.
  3. Appliance Manuals/Warranties.  I've got a file drawer full of those pesky booklets that come with the purchase of just about anything electrical.  Chances are you do, too.  Hey- it's finally time to get rid of them (and probably start over).  This stuff can come in reallychecklist handy for your Buyers.  Items to consider:  dishwasher, washer, dryer, oven, HVAC, thermostat, refrigerator, disposal, furnace, hot water heater, microwave, etc...
  4. Architectural plans or drawings.  If you've had an addition put on your place, or if your house is brand spanking new, the Buyers will really benefit from getting a copy of any plans. 
  5. Garage door opener(s).
  6. Names and numbers of people who do your yard work or housecleaning.  I'm not saying you have to shove it down their throats, but in many cases people are new to town, or that part of town, and don't know where to begin to find help.  It's a nice gesture on your part. 
  7. If you think of it, you might mention garbage and recycling day pick ups and advise where to place the bins.
  8. If you've had to repair or replace any items as a result of the inspection contingency, please bring along receipts for all of the work. 
  9. Wiring instructions.  Assuming money is coming your way, the settelement company can cut you a check.  Or, you can obtain routing numbers and/or wiring instructions from your bank so that your money can go straight into that account.  Saves you a trip to the bank (or Vegas).
  10. Last, but not least, your checkbook.  These days, with tighter loan restrictions, it's less and less likely that you will use it.  But it can smooth the way in the event that something is found at the final walk through (a dripping faucet = write a check for a plumber visit). 

And that's about it for Seller Settlement Day Must Haves!  Give me a call or send me a text if you have any questions.

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