Holliston MA Water Failing in 2 Ways?

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In reading the Holliston TAB the other day I came across the following article:

Five of Six Holliston Wells Have Significant Problems

As a citizen in town who likes to keep up with how the town is managed, I was amazed to hear this news.

Even more disappointing was the early quote in the article from Larry Weise, Chairman of the Board of Water Commissioners.  Mr. Weise was reported to say the town has two issues threatening the town's water supply:  Quantity and Quality.

WHAT?  That sums up water supply... Quantity and Quality!  There is nothing else.

For several years I have followed the water supplies in the Metrowest region as perhaps a "more informed Layman".  I don't pretend to understand the geology of aquifers, but I certainly understand that there is science behind the water supplies.  I understand that even private wells pull from a common source.  

On the flip side, homeowners generally don't follow this stuff.  They hate water bans during 2 weeks of rain showers.  Townspeople hear high levels of X in the water supply and immediately start showering in Poland Springs.  I swear, Ashland residents still think water is contaminated from the old Nyanza paint factory.  Fact is...  water wells are upstream from the site and Hopkinton even buys some of their water from Ashland wells!

One thing that I DO know as a taxpayer, I would much rather deal with water wells than ignore them.  The Holliston Water Commissioners have obviousily ignored the problems.  5 years ago it would have been a lot easier to make the case for taxpayer money to go to well improvements.  Little tougher now!

Medway just is fighting thru the terrible situation of waiting too late for replacement/repair of a well.

Medway MA Master Water Plan 11/09

The Town of Holliston presented an all-around State of the Town recently and here is the presentation:

Holliston Plans of the Town 11/09

The latest report I could find regarding the Report on the town's water was the Annual Report for 2008:

Water Report for 2008 -  Issued 6/09

On September 3rd  2009, the Water Department issued a notice because the DEP required it.  The town had discovered some level of surface water getting into one of the town's wells.  The DEP regulations required that they notify the residents.  In this notice, they also stated:

We are currently completing a Master Plan of the entire Holliston Water System evaluating the best approach for cost effectively continuing to meet all federal and state regulations and provide all our residents with the highest quality water.

Upon searching for this Master Plan for the Water System, no mention of it on the town's website or thru a google search.  I will keep hunting for it.  I am also interested as to why the last meeting minutes posted to the town site for the Board of Water Commissioners is from 8/26/09??

As a Realtor selling Holliston real estate, Buyers get access to all the press and reports on the internet, and we will have property values affected negatively if we don't get our act together.  The town needs to feel confident about water Quality AND Quantity, and this is a non-negotiable!

Ed Daniels is a local Holliston resident and taxpayer, concerned citizen over water supplies in the region, and a Realtor hoping to sell many homes to families moving to Holliston.  To talk about everything regarding Holliston Real Estate, or other Metrowest homes, call 508-341-7880.

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