going referal

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Ive go on referral only at the office. I guess I started to late with to little. I try not to think that I have given up on my dream. A dream of self employment and being more than an hourly employee. but just right now I am feeling like a failer in the tenth degree. I'm not finding any jobs in my previous profession, floral design. I got some work on St. Valentine's day. I came close to losing money on an a work at home scheme but came to my senses. I don't want to give up a carrier in real estate. Still I need to make money. You would not believe the Companies who do not take applications in person. I do not like filling these out on line. Having had interviewed and hired people I know that a dry read will not show a persons true ability to be a productive member of a Co.

 I am looking for work. If any other rainers have had to start over I would very much appreciate your views. my husband tells me not to put all the experience I have in retail. That I might look to   I don't know over qualified. or I'm just looking for a job till something comes along. I feel lost.