If your clients asks if a house or building is Haunted, can you tell them?

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 I always wondered why you took photographs of these ugly broken buildings!

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Original content by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

photograph by Robert Swetz

 If your clients asks if a house or building is Haunted, can you tell them?

 State Regulation across the country are different for disclosing if properties are Haunted or there has been a suicide or murder.

 What are your State Regulations for clients asking you questions about these subjects.

 In the State of Nevada it is a (No-No)! You can be fined and loss your license for disclosing such information.

 Now on the other hand this building above the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield Nevada is not for sale. And so I can tell you it is Haunted big time, (Ghost Busters) television program was visiting the Goldfield Hotel several months ago and there is so much Ghost activity going on around there it would make your head spin!

 You know kind of like "The Exorcist" with Linda Blair.

 The (photo below) is another very, very Haunted building in Goldfield, the school right next to the police station.

photograph by Robert Swetz

 This lady I spoke with mentioned to me that police officers are always viewing and hearing very strange activity coming for the school.

 And the home below on main street in Goldfield, very, very haunted!

 photograph by Robert Swetz

 And my last photo below is Haunted and I really like this one because if you look real close you can see the glass bottles used to build the walls sticking out the sides.

photograph by Robert Swetz

 So if a client ever asks you if a home/ building is Haunted or if persons have been murdered or committed suicide in the home/ building, you better know your disclosures in the State where your license hangs.

 photograph by Robert Swetz

 "Have a wonderful day and Happy Haunting"

 Story and photographs by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - Please don't duplicate!

 This is a re-blog/ re-post on a story I posted last year, please take a look at the comments within the Original below they are very interesting ...........

If your clients asks if a house or building is Haunted, can you tell them? 

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