If You Can't Find Something Nice to Say...But When You Can...Part II

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A large portion of my recent sales have been buyers relocating from markets that, to a large degree are in a state in much larger decline or struggling at best, to our market which to a large extent is a commuting market to the D.C./Baltimore metropolitan area and, although not exactly on the road to any dramatic improvement, performing considerably better than many. When buyers are relocating, a major part of my job has been to help them achieve a comfort level as to the investment they are making in this market and overcoming the negative perceptions they are carrying with them from the markets from which they are moving. As I feel we as agents must always do, I present this information as a snapshot of hardcore data and never as "my personal crystal ball".  

As a follow-up post to my prior post "If You Can't Find Something Nice to Say...But When You Can...., this is a compilation of data of the counties surrounding Washington, D.C. and Baltimore as I feel that it is helpful to buyers when looking at the metropolitan area in making their assessment of the economic impact of the area locally to which they are moving. The averages for these counties indicate improved numbers of units, higher dollars invested, and shortening time on the market - positives that hopefully will improve consumer confidence, result in price improvement and lead to improvement in other markets as well.

2009 Percentage of Change - Maryland Washington, DC/Baltimore Metropolitan Area

  # Units Dollars Average Sales Price Median Sales Price Days on Market
Calvert 30.64 21.07 -7.32 -6.61 -4.14
St. Mary's 5.01 -3.73 -8.32 -7.67 -3.1
Charles 8.67 -5.04 -12.61 -13.04 -6.85
Howard 7.64 -4.44 -11.23 -9.33 -10.71
Montgomery 21.78 4.98 -13.79 -13.92 -11.65
Anne Arundel 8.51 -3.18 -10.77 -8.39 -3.7
Prince George 42.96 13.5 -20.62 -20 2.29
Baltimore 4.01 -5.9 -9.55 -7.41 10.19
Carroll 10.74 0.25 -9.47 9.83 -4.76
Frederick 18.81 3.02 -13.29 -12.96 -12.68
Average MD Metro Area 15.88 2.053 -11.697 -8.95 -4.511
Baltimore City -3.66 -15.98 -12.79 -11.61 1.71
D.C. 15.71 4.01 -10.13 -6.25 12.5

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