How to Be a LOSER When Buying a Home: Pick the Wrong People to Work With

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Think You Can Pick ANY Lender or Agent to Work With?

Let me share with you a recent event that caused a home buyer to miss out on $10,000.

I talked to a buyer two days ago. His significant other was doing some research about a local grant programs and they found me. In this case he called about a program that allows first time buyers to receive $10,000 towards the purchase of a home.

Too little - Too lateThere are income limits to qualify for this program. Based off of his income alone, he made just a little too much money. However since his significant other would be living in the property, and is unemployed, this could change the qualifying factors, which also consider the number of people in the household and/or the number of people on the deed. So with two people in the home and on the deed, they now qualified for the $10,000 grant based off of their income.


So they qualify now, good news right?? Not exactly. It would have been better had they never found out. Their loan officer told them the whole time that the significant other could not be on the loan since she provided no income. 

BZZZZZ - - - NOPE - - - NADA - - - Wrongo

You can indeed have a co-borrower that has no income and have them on the loan. Just think of a housewife, a retired spouse, etc. But due to being misguided, this first time home buyer will miss out on $10,000. He was only a week away from settlement when we talked about this, and the program takes about 45 days to complete. The seller is not willing to delay.

Who's wrong here ... the lender, the loan officer, the Realtor?

So SorryRealtors should certainly know about these programs, but this is out of their scope. Is it the lender's fault? Not really. A lender can train a loan officer, but they can't make them know everything. IT IS THE LOAN OFFICER'S FAULT! I'm not about to out that loan officer, I don't work like that. But shall I ask the question again; Do you ...

Think You Can Pick ANY Lender or Agent to Work With?


Well of course you can!!



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