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Thanks for sharing Stacey! All I can say is WOW?! I am shocked. Hope it will stop happening.

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I read an article today about a couple in Florida who was accidentally foreclosed on by Bank of America even though they paid cash for their home.  I am horrified to think that there are people out there who have to endure the embarrasment and loss of a foreclosure when it isn't even justified.  You would think that there would be enough checks and balances in place to prevent this from happening.

In 2 minutes this morning, I was able to find 3 cases where Bank of America mistakenly foreclosed on people who had no relationship with them:

  1. Couple in Florida who paid cash for their home - lost personal items and had damage to their pipes.
  2. Couple in Texas who owned their home free and clear - caused them to lose food and caused mold buildup
  3. Man in Kentucky - it was one of his neighbor's homes that was supposed to be repossessed

 Makes you wonder how many more cases there are out there with different banks across the country.

This is just a disgrace!



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