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February 22, 2010

Things I learned today about Commuter Parking in Fairfield and the impact of the New Train Station -

  1. There were 3612 people on the Commuter Parking Waitlist for the Downtown Fairfield Train Station as of August 25, 2009. 
  2. According to the Parking Authority, the February 25, 2010 estimate is approx 3800.
  3. When someone registers currently for the Wait List, they are put on both the Southport and the Downtown Waitlist - so the lists are mostly duplicates or the 3800 on the Downtown list is a reasonable estimate of the total commuters waiting for a Parking Permit.
  4. In 2009, there were about 500 applications sent out by the Parking Authority with approx 400 being returned and accepted for new permits to be issued.  This means approx 500 people come off the wait list each year.
  5. The Parking Authority is currently using the 2004 section of the list to send out Applications.  This is where the 6 year wait estimate comes from.
  6. Based on current absorption, 500 per year divided by 3800 is almost an 8 year lead time for people going on the list today.
  7. The New Train Station has been in the works for almost 13 years.
  8. When the New Train Station was originally planned, the Commuter Wait List in Fairfield was less than 1000 names. This is when the 1500 spaces were planned. More than enough to eliminate the entire Wait List for Commuter Parking Spaces.
  9. It should be noted that the current plan also includes taking approx 300 spaces away from the current Downtown Commuter Parking to be used to expand Downtown Retail Parking. So the number Net New Parking Spaces with the New Train Station is 1200.
  10. The current plan calls for "overselling" by 25% so that would create 1500 new permits or reduce the current Wait List from 3800 to 2300.
  11. If we assume that no one from Bridgeport or Stratford stations would want to park in the nice new Fairfield Station, then we would have approx a 4.5 year wait after the New Station is built. If more people from other towns would rather drive to Fairfield then the wait could easily be 5 years or more.
  12. Currently the Fairfield Train Station is the 2nd most used station in the State. Stamford is number one. If we are planning for the future, we should be adding capacity for the future not just for the past.
  13. The current plan also has the State controlling the Parking at the New Train Station not the Town.  This seems to lead to two Wait Lists rather than one.
  14. If the Fairfield Parking Authority were to pick up responsibility for this third parking area, would it lead to a need for more staff?
  15. All this leads to the question, why are we not considering building more parking capacity now? 
  16. Does a multi level Parking Garage make sense?
  17. If so, building it now would be the make the most sense.  Expanding Capacity later would cause major trauma and the need to relocate some if not all of the 1500 cars using the station daily.
  18. Expanding Capacity later would most likely be a more expensive option.


I developed most of these observations after talking with Parking Authority staff.  The math calculations and projections are my own. 

Some of the facts in this write up are hearsay since I haven't looked at the actual agreement with the State. I am hoping that this document will help encourage discussion and raise some questions that can be answered in a timely fashion.  If after all 13 years of drama and trauma, we end up with a 5-6 year wait list for commuter parking permits, I am not sure this would be called a success.

The Tax Revenue stream originally envisioned is not going to happen in the near term.  The solution to our parking problem would be the most significant benefit to this development. Let's hope it accomplishes that one goal.



Prepared by Mike Tetreau - Member Board of Finance.

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chris joyce

Does anyone have any insight to who "actually" gets notified and gets the permits? I have been told that I was "notified" twice but I have had the same phone number for 13 years and do I recall ever being contacted. And believe me, these permits are like gold. I would remember that phone call.

Oct 22, 2010 03:19 AM
Mike Tetreau
William Raveis Real Estate - Fairfield, CT - Fairfield, CT
ABR, CRS, GRI, Sales Vice President

I don't have any special insight. I would check with the Parking Authority to see if they do it by mail, email or phone or some combination.  It is my understanding that the new Train Station parking will be under the authority of the State.  The Fairfield Parking Authority will continue to manage the waiting list for Downtown and Southport.  I am not quite sure how the initial allocation of spots at the new train station will be handled.  Hope this helps, Mike

Oct 22, 2010 03:36 AM
John H. Mason
Harry Norman, Realtors - Cumming, GA
Associate Broker - Realtor; Atlanta Georgia

Mike, having lived and commuted from that train station for several years I can only imagine the anxiety I woud have today waiting for a parking sticker! It certainly was factor in our home purchase choice once relocated to the area. Without available and convenient station parking; buyers have other optiions (in CT I am not sure where that would have been).

Oct 25, 2010 10:29 AM
Gail Robinson
William Raveis Real Estate - Southport, CT
CRS, GRI, e-PRO Fairfield County, CT

Mike, In my conversations with the Fairfield Parking Authority, I was told that when they contact people as spaces become available, some of them are no longer interested, can't be contacted (moved), etc.  There is no cost involved in being put on the waiting list and no requirement for renewal of interest each year, which means the waiting list isn't a true indicator of how many parking spaces are needed.  They also told me the Black Rock Train Station (or whatever it will be called, they said they will know the name when the sign goes up) will use the same list as the Downtown Train Station.  Selectman Flatto said there would be a separate list.  Appreciate your attempts to sort this out.  The info is confusing.

Nov 27, 2010 03:16 AM
Mike Tetreau
William Raveis Real Estate - Fairfield, CT - Fairfield, CT
ABR, CRS, GRI, Sales Vice President

Hi...In Feb 2009, the Parking Authority was taking names from people that signed up in 2006.  There were not 3600 names on the list in 2006.  So it is safe to assume that the waiting time for someone going on the list today is significantly longer than 3-4 years. 

The estimates of how many parking spaces to add and the reduction in wait times was done 10 years or so ago and I don't believe has been updated. Adding 1200 spaces doesn't seem to be adequate to significantly reduce the wait time or to address future needs say for the next ten years or so.

Without knowing the new schedules, it is difficult to estimate how many people will want to use the new station.  I haven't seen any estimate of the number of "new" people that may be interested rather than going to downtown Bridgeport or elsewhere. So we may not be including all the potential commuters.

As it has been explained to me, the new "Metro North" station parking lot wait list will be controlled by the state not the Town Parking Authority. So while the initial allocation of spaces may give a priority to the current Parking Permit holders and then the wait list. Once this allocation is done, there will be two wait lists - one for the New Station managed by the State and one for Ffld & Spt managed by the Town Parking Authority.

I also suspect that the details of all this can be changed between now and opening day.

Hope this helps, Mike


Nov 27, 2010 04:01 AM