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                               What's Happening in Fayetteville NC!                               

                I have resided in the Hope Mills area for over four years with my family. As a resident of Hope Mills activities to captivate my interest are an absolute must to keep myself and my friends entertained. It is my fair luck that this area had more than enough to keep any person of any age entertained! For the party all nighters in Fayetteville there are a variety of nightclubs with specialty in jazz, soul, modern day rap, rock, or salsa. Now if you have a hyper teen on your hands on a Saturday night, Club Palace hosts their very own teen night supplying beverages such as various sodas and water. Live entertainment is also available in the area; (still on the topic of night clubs) artists such as Taylor Swift, The Temptations,  My Chemical Romance, and Jamie Foxx have visited these clubs and performed grandly. At the Cape Fear Theatre we are anxiously expecting the play Peter Pan and Les Miserables and guest appearance from Steve Harvey. Lower key activities could be a movie night at our new Hope Mills theatre to see such movies as Wolfman or Alice in Wonderland. There is also bowling, laser tag, shopping, and golf!

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