Special offer

2010 Pricing Like is was BACK Then!!!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Heartland Real Estate Corp

I know in my market, Central South Florida, we are seeing pricing stablize and also having tremedious success with first time home buyers. However, you still have those buyers that want to take advantage of the market and then really LOW BALL the homeowner. Once you have seen the listing drop over $100,000 wouldn't you think that low balling this homeowner would not be benefical? I am listing my property like it was 2002! Pricing like it was back then in 2010! That is my motto. Leave little room for low ball offers, price it like you want to sell it and get on with it, for the homeowner, buyer and professionals. I believe it is time to take a stance in your market and be wise on the pricing of your listing! We do not need more supply, we need more demand! In the meantime you have to be smart and not "Give it away" but at the sametime be competitive with the short sales and foreclosures. If we all priced our homes within the comparative market analysis, I think you would see a quicker turn over of inventory! And let those low ballers get with the program! Once they see the value, they will make a better offer. 

Remember to get back to basics, THAT SUPPLY AND DEMAND IS THE LAW OF ECONOMICS! Less supply, Higher DEMAND!