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All of us Realtors, know how important it is to stand above our competition.  We also know it's even more important to include technology in our marketing to attract our technically savvy consumers.

My name is Edy Garcia, I am a Realtor with Exit Realty, I have been using video email & live video broadcasting, and I thought I had the BEST KEPT SECRET!  To my surprise, I am hearing more and more people talk about these products and services and how it has increased their visibility on the web, not only in promoting themselves, but their inventory as well.

I have enjoyed these services so much that I have become an independent affiliate, and I have the opportunity to capitalize on helping this company grow their business.

Please take a moment and view the article written in Realtor Magazine on how this Realtor has benefited from using these services (not just me):

So we ask ourselves, how much does something of this magnitude worth.  As the market has changed, it's important to select a marketing 1st on its efficiency, 2nd on its cost.  What if the effect of your marketing takes you to the next level for just $9.95/mo, would you consider it?

The reason for my blogs is to help get the word out to individuals who market themselves, throwing precious marketing dollars into a bottomless pit.  Most Realtors are unaware that these affordable services even exists.  The technology is cutting edge, and even ahead of its time, extremely user friendly, with many capabilities.  If you aren't using these products & services, your competition will!

Please contact me for more info, or email me to get a sample v-mail.  I do not send unsolicited v-mail, so please do not send any spam to me!

or nightly broadcast 7PM EST, please goto  and click on Live Broadcast.

To set up an individual consultation (free of charge), please contact me directly, I would love to meet with you: (561) 253-5690.

Edy Garcia

Realtor/ Virtual Media Consultant

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