Clinton High of Mississippi May Soon Go Green

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Clinton High of Mississippi May Soon Go GreenClinton High School in Clinton, Mississippi could soon become the state's very first "green" certified school.  The school board just needs to decide whether to partake in the $1.5 million environmental project or not.

The school board is currently considering a contract with Siemens Business Technologies to improve functions at several of the district's schools, including climate control, water and lighting conservation.  Northside Elementary will be the only exception because a new school is being built to replace it.

Once Clinton High School is designated as a "green" school through Siemens' Green Globes program, it will be a huge step toward energy performance.  "Going green" means the district will have added energy savings while continuing to look out for the environment.

A lengthy checklist is involved that looks at the entire building from the rooftop all the way down to the sewage to help ensure that every possibility for efficient energy use was taken.

If Clinton High School is successful, the district may then look to do the same to Clinton Park Elementary and other schools in the future.  However, the older schools will not be on the list.  It is just too costly to pursue the Green Globes standards and upgrades to older schools.

"Going green" and being aware of the environment is such a huge deal right now that the district is interest in doing all it can for its part to help save money.

While several districts in the state are partaking in the Siemens energy program, none have yet to qualify for the Green Globes status.  Clinton High School is hoping to be the first.  The savings from "going green" will pay for the project. 

Everything is still in the finalization state, which calls for a 15 year lease/purchase agreement.  Annual savings of around $127,000 in energy costs and $5,000 in operating costs will cover the payments.

Not only will this be a great achievement for Clinton High School, but it will be great for the community of Clinton, Mississippi as well.  Even in today's hectic economy, "going green" is still very important.

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