5 Reasons to Use a Realtor

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1) Full Representation- an agent owes 100% of their dedication and loyalty to you. They have no other choice but to have YOUR interests at heart.

2) Great Knowledge of the Market - an Agent knows "what is out there" and since they spend most of their time in the field, they can show you any kind of property you like!

3) Negotiating Skills and Contract Knowledge - An Agent is a great negotiator. Their main aim is to get you the best deal out there. Their integrity depends on it!

4) Save Time - Narrow down your search just having a seasoned agent with a vast variety of listings. Give them an overview of your desires and they will start showing you homes in your range and preference.

5) Start Smart - An Agent can help you determine what you can afford and recommend lenders to get you pre-approved. The agent can also negotiate on your behalf when it is to time to make an offer on a home.

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