The Tallahassee Realtor says, "Get ready for the 1970's, Part Deaux"

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It was widely reported that last Thursday, the Federal Reserve raised the Discount Rate (the interest rate charged to member banks when they borrow from the Fed) from 0.50% to 0.75%.  All members of the Federal Reserve banking system (12) supported the decision.

In its decision, the Fed cited "continued improvement in financial market conditions," but warned Wall Street that the increase was "not expected to lead to tighter financial conditions for households and businesses and do not signal any change in the outlook for the economy or for monetary policy."

Do you believe them?

As anyone who lived during the 1970's gas shortages and stratospheric interest rates will tell careful.  Personally, 18% was the worst loan utilized during this period, but others paid 20-21%.  There are many economists who project that we are going to return to that type of environment.  What to do?  Buy the house that you will utilize as a home for the next ten years and buy it now!

You have to live somewhere, and you are paying a mortgage or paying someone else's mortgage-your landlord.  Please do not misunderstand.  This is no attempt at frightening up business.  I truly believe that in the next 3-5 years those that have purchased homes in 2009-10 are going to be very pleased with themselves.

Disagree? What are your arguments?


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I can see it getting pretty bad because this cycle seems so close to that period. We have gas bouncing up and down, Iran unstable along with the middle east, backers of our bonds using it against although it was Russia then, China is not much better. The kicker is that regardless of your politics and I am a Democrat (I'm almost to the point of being ashamed) we have someone actually worse than Jimmy Carter in the White House.

Jimmy compounded all the problems then because of his southern beliefs that no one could be that evil Like the Ayatollahs and look what this idiot thinks, along with his mafia like wanna bes.

Feb 26, 2010 08:53 AM