Making Noise With Home Staging

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I walk my dog Paris every day. We live out in the piney woods of east Texas, and our walks are rich with the sights and sounds of birds. Frequently as we start out, we will hear a distinctive racket in the woods around us. This would be the guinea fowl, or, as they are known around here simply  the guineas.

You will always hear a guinea before you see one. And you never see just one. The flock is like a single organism, moving together like a wave on the ocean. Both male and females make an "ah,ah,ah,ah," sound, and the female calls out something like "come back, come back, comeback". All together it is quite a chorus....a very loud chorus.

When you see the guineas you will have to laugh. I swear they look like footballs with legs. They are very timid and will run at the first sight of you. So until they get used to you being in the neighborhood, you may hear them, but not see them at all. However, the noise they make is not something that can be ignored.

Now wouldn't it be nice if homeowners could do something that would cause potential buyers to "make noise" about your house? I mean get them talking about your house.

Remember when you were the one looking for a house? You didn't look at just one or two houses did you? After you have been looking for a while all the houses start to look alike, especially if there is nothing "special" about them.

So make your house special! Make it the one the buyers will remember! Make your home the one they will be talking about after a day spent house hunting.

Home staging can help you do just that. Following are a few tips to get you started.

Kitchens sell homes! Make sure every corner is spotless and all countertops are clutter-free.

Let the light in! Open shades and draw back curtains. Buyers want light and bright spaces.

Make the master bedroom a retreat. Toss out that tired old spread and splurge on luxurouis linens and pillows for an inviting look. You can take the new linens for use in your new master suite!

Create a spa like feeling in all the baths with fresh new towels. This is a perfect way to add color to a room. Have the family use the old towels so you are not constantly washing and replacing them.

For a detailed consultation in the Tyler area, contct home stager, Kathy Vernon with Staged by Dream Weavers.K powder roomUse neutral color on the walls and bright colors with towels and accessories.


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