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Turning Leaf Advisors, LLC (TLA), a loss mitigation firm that provides help for individuals and families facing foreclosure has created the “Done for You Negotiations”® program. This exciting new model is available for real estate brokers and agents that have Short Sale listings that need to be negotiated with the bank. TLA and its “Done for You” model will comply with all individual state regulations and licensing requirements pertaining to negotiating short sales. TLA has increased its capacity to negotiate short sales as 2010 is going to bring an unprecedented amount of new short sale listings for real estate professionals.

The process is very simple:

TLA will work with all parties of the transaction to gather the information needed; build and submit the package to the bank using its proprietary submission software Short Sale Builder, TLA will then make all of the phone calls and negotiate with the lender to obtain the short sale approval for the seller. All parties will be able to access information from one central access point with individual log-ins to provide transparency to the transaction 24 hours a day.

To increase the effectiveness of the negotiation process, TLA utilize The ValueSure™ AVM from Valuation Solutions, to derive the most comprehensive and precise residential property valuations available today and to determine the actual costs of a property becoming an REO. This allows TLA to submit offers that will be within range of the servicers requirements and allow for faster approval times.

Most importantly “Done for You Negotiations” allow brokers and agents to continue to gather listings and continue to focus on their normal business activities without having to allocate large blocks of time learning the lengthy negotiation process that took TLA years to perfect. By outsourcing short sale files to TLA, brokers and agents are able to run their business more efficiently and make more money.

The cost for “Done For You Negotiations” is very straight forward: 1.00% of the value of the property value at closing. This fee can be paid as a referral fee or the buyer can pay the fee so as not to reduce commissions. The seller is not responsible for any fees in the transaction and the agreement can be canceled at any time prior to approval.

Turning Leaf Advisors is one of the largest and most successful Short Sale negotiation firms in the country. They have closed hundreds of millions of dollars of loss mitigation transactions contributed in part to its dedicated and experienced staff and a streamlined business model. TLA anticipates closing over 200 short sales in 2009 valued at over $65,000,000. Please see our website for more information, References are available upon request.

Tracey S. Baron, CDPE
Managing Director, Turning Leaf Advisors

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