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   Why I Sell Vintage Homes in Sonoma County.



This is the beginning of a series on vintage homes in Sonoma County, California.


Let’s begin by defining the term “vintage home”. The word “vintage” implies age; in other words, vintage homes are dwellings built in an earlier time. The accepted cut-off by the experts today is 1980. Houses built before that date may be considered vintage.


However the term vintage implies more than date of construction. A genuine vintage home incorporates architectural features and other qualities that speak to its distinctive historical period and origins.


Vintage homes possess characteristics that reflect their time and culture in a way that makes them an American Classic. Their architectural and stylistic content will,of course, vary across time.


So my plan is to explore vintage homes in Sonoma County by devoting each installment in the series to a particular decade and its vintage properties and characteristics. 


In each case, I will discuss specific homes in different neighborhoods as a way of illustrating what the term “ vintage home” has come to mean in Sonoma County. 


Why do I sell vintage homes ?  I enjoy the process of bringing new energy into a home that needs to be appreciated for its simplier lifestyle and the stories of those that have lived and cared for them all these years. Every home has its own story.


I have found this website informative and a good resource for products that are related to the age homes.




906 spring

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This 1908 cottage style bungalow was only one story when the current owners bought it in 1978. A second story was necessary when the family was two and then went to three!  


This was the first modern decade and an important innovation were the mail-order kit house from Sears,Roebuck & Company and its competitors. One way of determining whether or not you have a kit house would be to exmaine the rafters in the attic. The major components of kit homes were imprinted with a number keyed to the plan for assembly.

An old back porch was enclosed and half bath was eleminated due to the addition of a second story that included three more bedrooms and a fulll bath. The square footage was doubled and the same owners still live in this vintage home today Bay windows were added in the living, dining rooms and kitchen offerring a space charmed by a sunny,southern exposure. Bay windows were added in the living, dining rooms and kitchen offerring a space charmed by a sunny,southern exposure.

It has been lovingly cared for all these years and the porch and garden are enjoyed by all the neighbors especially in the spring.

Built on Spring St. called "the prettiest street in Santa Rosa" by its developer over one hundred years ago, this beautiful,country cottage is a wonderful example of the way Classic Vintage homes make such important contributions to the diversity and richness of our communities.



                                                               Kathleen Bonham - Vintage Home Specialist





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Kathleen Bonham

Vintage Home Specialist

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John Mulkey - Waleska, GA
Housing Guru

Kathleen - I love older homes. In general they're just more interesting and have features not found in today's homes.  I once lived in a 100 year old home that had more character than any home I've seen since, and several years ago, I remodeled a home for my daughter that was almost 200 years old. 

Of course some older homes lack some of the features we may desire, but most can be adapted without losing their charm. Good luck with what appears to be a great project.

Mar 15, 2010 09:06 AM
kathleen bonham
FHAllen, Sonoma Country and Vintage - Santa Rosa, CA

Hi John - I love them too! They do have their challenges but a lot of the challenge is just getting some good, solid advice from people you trust...I also love the stories of the people who grew up in them and the richness of living in something that has some history.

Thanks for your comment.


Mar 15, 2010 11:39 AM
Jim Cheney
Saint Francis Property Santa Rosa, CA - Santa Rosa, CA
Rincon Valley Realtor 707.494.1055

Wow, 1980....  I would have guessed 1950, or something more pre- WWII.  I would not consider 1975 a vintage home, but I guess it depends on the style, and of course what homes are around it. 

Mar 26, 2010 06:05 AM
kathleen bonham
FHAllen, Sonoma Country and Vintage - Santa Rosa, CA

Hi Jim...good to see you......Yes 1980!...It is hard to believe but that is 30 years ago...Stay tuned for my next blog about Vintage Homes...It is a new listing I have WWII McDOnald addition.

Thanks for stopping by Jim.

Mar 28, 2010 04:19 AM