Welcome To ActiveRain All You Newbies!!!

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Just wanted to post a quick welcome post to all of the newbies that have joined ActiveRain.  If you haven't started blogging and commenting yet, because you haven't felt like getting your feet wet....now is a good time to start!

Start by posting your very first post to your blog and introduce yourself to everyone.  It's not hard, just a quick Hi this is me, and I am new here" is all it takes to get people to welcome you here.  We don't bite!  Start posting and commenting, we want to hear from you!  Really, we do!

Also if you're new around here, be sure to go over to the groups and join the ActiveRain Newbie group.  There are a lot of useful posts there that can probably answer a lot of the questions you have running through your mind right about now.  Like...what is this place?  Why did I sign up?  Does anyone really get anything out of this place?  What do I blog about?  And plenty of other questions, you'll find answers to!

And as a reminder to some of the folks that have been around a while, take the time to stop and comment on a newbies blog and make them feel welcome here in the rain!  It only takes a minute for you to welcome someone here and let them know we'd like to hear more from them!

If you want to see who has joined ActiveRain today or in the past, you can go here and see.  You can click on any of the links that people have created blogs for and go make a few quick comments.

Now here's your homework!!  HA HA...didn't know you were going to get homework for reading this post did you?  Your homework is to go find AT LEAST 2 new bloggers that have recently joined that don't currently have any comments on one of their posts and comment on it!  It'll take you all of about 10 minutes to do this, yet it's enough to make someone know someone is reading their posts!  This goes for you Newbies too!  Start commenting and people will start commenting back on your blog posts!

Welcome to the Rain to everyone that has joined.  It's fun to play in the rain.  Start soaking up the information, you'll be glad you did!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  And don't forget to do your homework!  If you read this post, then that means you have homework!!!

Comments (3)

Tony D. Howell
The best place EVER! - Wilmington, NC
Alrighty, step one is to leave YOU a comment!  LOL
Jul 20, 2007 09:36 AM
Raj Dhaliwal
Century 21 Coastal Realty Ltd. - Abbotsford, BC
Personal Real Estate Corporation
Step two, leave a second comment. Hi Becky how's goinnn? What up at Point 2 message boards?, haven't been there in a while,,
Jul 20, 2007 10:27 AM
Becky Troutt
No longer practicing real estate as of 2008. - Bradenton, FL

Thanks Tony.

Hi Raj.  Long time no see.  I actually haven't been on the P2 message boards in a really long time, so have no idea what is going on over there.  Hope you're staying busy with work!  See ya around.

Jul 20, 2007 01:05 PM

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