Mold as a health concern

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Mold seems to be the health concern of the decade. Homeowners, landlords, tenants and businesses alike all have a heightened awareness of the subtle and often unseen menace to health and comfort.

State governments are trying to develop standards of prevention and remediation and define minimum and maximum exposure levels. The only certainties are these:

  • Extreme mold cases are few so they get all the publicity.
  • Some people have less tolerance to exposure to molds than others.
  • "Black Mold" is not the only one that is cause for concern.
  • Mold is not automatic when water invades our living and work space.


The best advice everyone should pay attention to is - "keep it clean and dry". Mold will only grow in an environment made up of 3 things: lack of light, still air and moisture. Different species grow as different rates. Most will only grow in ideal conditions after 48 hours. So, if you discover water where it should not be, get the source stopped and dry it out immediately. If you discover mold, you already have a serious condition. Do not simply wipe it away with bleach. Doing so would be like spraying weed killer on a dandelions weed. You will kill the weed, but the puff ball of seeds will float into the air to grow elsewhere. Mold spores must be removed. Unfortunately, we can't see spores with the naked eye.

Puroclean Of Los Angeles has trained professionals that can remove mold, mold spores and contaminated materials without spreading the contamination to other areas. Containment protocol, protective clothing, hepa-vacuums and negative air scrubbers are used, and we keep abreast of updates to the technology.

We hope you never need us for mold. But if you do, rest assured, we approach every job with caution, a "better be safe than sorry" attitude, and never take shortcuts.

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