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Opportunities & Constraints Analysis

Clearly identify and document the opportunities, constraints and contextual influences affecting a properties highest and best use applicable to many stages of the development process.

Development of Land Use Alternatives

Analysis includes exploring all land use, municipal policy factors, apparent site opportunities and environmental constraints relevant to future use of the property. This results in the creation of yield studies and site plans for potential development scenarios which are tested on a variety of socio-economic factors. The development programs considered would include: residential, retail, commercial, office, mixed use, recreation, agricultural and/or the utilization of a conservation easement.

Feasibility Analysis

Compare and contrast each Land Use Alternative in a pro forma using current market influences such as lease rates, sales prices, fees and estimated development costs. Conduct gap analysis and economic feasibility studies when appropriate.

Recommend Preferred Land Use

Create a comprehensive presentation of the recommended Land Use Alternatives, and the accompanying Feasibility Analysis, for delivery to the property owner. Meet and discuss the findings in order to jointly determine the best course of action.

Vision & Marketing Support

Develop the project’s vision through the use of imagery and written project descriptions in order to assist in developing an effective marketing campaign tailored specifically for the preferred land use.

Entitlement Processing

Assess the viability of the Preferred Land Use Alternative with the local municipality. Then lead or assist the processing, schedules, budgets and contracts for local government approvals including Tentative Maps, Final Maps, Design Review, Neighborhood Meetings, design team management and coordination, staff design solution discussions, and public comment and expert testimony.


Our Mission to Real Estate Brokers

To provide Brokers and Real Estate Professionals with access to specialized land planning and design skill sets that will both enable them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and enhance the sales price and marketability of the property

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