The Next YouTube Star

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I had been bugging my daughter to let me tape her singing and put it on youtube for a few months.

I showed her a post on Esmee Denters. She loves Justin Timberlake, once she saw him pop up at the end she said lets do a youtube.

Anyway bet Esmee couldn't do this when she was eight. (OK I could be biased)

By the way we don't allow her to wear makeup all the time or say "hell"  (except in this song). We did let her get all dressed up for her video debut per her request.

The quality of the video isn't the best & I really needed the insturmental of the song but this was just a fun thing to do with my daughter. The sun was setting and we just hurried up and did the taping.

Plus, its so funny to see the how many people watch and commnent on youtube about her video. She cant beleive almost 200 people have seen it. 

The relevance to real estate is. Do you understand how many people look at youtube? Maybe this is a great avenue to find a buyer for you're next listing???


Check this out and give it a vote or two on youtube:  Click Here to See Our Video..


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