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Low Cost Yet High Advertising Value Ice Scrapers

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Consider being a potential hero by outfitting drivers with a valued yet very inexpensive promotional ice scrapers. These small and compact auto tools can be kept in a glove box or under a car seat or in the trunk. Drivers sometimes in desperation, will take out a credit card or drivers license from their wallet in order to scrape the windshield and other windows to remove the snow or ice. This impractical exercise usually results in a broken credit card or ruins the magnetic strip on the back of the card.

Hand held ice scrapers usually are made of plastic and have fluted ridges that assist in digging into the snow or ice and "lifting" it off the windshield or other windows. metal would usually scratch the glass, this is why plastic material is used. Many times a thank you would come from the users when needed knowing that they are equipt with the necessary tool.

People acquire items for 2 main reasons, a need or a desire. You need an ice scraper when you have to remove the snow or ice from the windshield in order to see. This type of advertising, which is to offer people a useful item that they may eventually need as opposed to a desired item that they may eventualy like to have, has huge value.

Some companies will offer promotional items that eventually create a set of tools such as promotion tire pressure gauges, promotional car booster cables and custom printed auto safety kits. These valuable and needed items are kept for years which allows the logo message to be seen and eventually talked about for a long time. Pouring water on the windshield may just create a new sheet of ice and make it more difficult to remove. Placing hot water on the windshield may actually crack the windshield because of the temperature difference between the outside temperature and the temperature of the hot water.
Sometimes all that is needed is a snow brush, so as a company that is looking to advertise, consider these cheap yet long lasting a valuable promotional ices scrapers and snow brushes.

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