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Has it really been a year since I posted a blog???  Wow!  Time flies.  Surely I've had something to say.  Why didn't I write about it?  Hmmm...  Note to self:  Start writing!

I've never really seemed to find my groove in Real Estate.  I know I can (and want to) help people.  I know I can be a good Realtor.  I've helped several friends and currently a cousin find and sell homes.  Where do I go from here?  People are always talking about finding your niche market.  I've pretty much been using the shotgun approach.  I'm looking anywhere and everywhere.  All my business has been with people who know me, love me and trust me so I'm pretty sure I want to focus on referral marketing.  But what is my specialty?  Who are the people I'm meant to help?  What is my calling in Real Estate? 

I usually end up needing an interpreter to help me find my focus and answers when I'm searching and asking these questions.  Yesterday, it was my daughter.  I must have randomly asked some form of the above questions out loud because she reminded me of working with a mutual friend.  He's her age and when he wanted to buy his first home/investment property, he wanted to work with someone's mom.   Someone who would take care of him.  She introduced us, we worked together, bought his property and now we're family.  She doesn't really like that he's now my friend too and we like to hang out, but that's a story for another day.

She pointed out that it must be young first time home buyers that I've been called to serve.  (I have been called in this life to reach out to young people. I'm still 16 in my own head!) She told me that I made our friend feel like a real person.  >pause<  She said that a lot of times 'older people' make them feel like they're not serious.  Do we as an older generation really not place value in our younger adults?  Is that all it takes? -- to take them seriously?  It never occurred to me to view my young home buyer in any other way. He was serious about making a home investment and I was serious about helping him accomplish his goals.

I do have a gift for educating and I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the whole buying process with him and helping him understand what goes on through the transaction. I think I've just discovered my niche/calling/focus!  Thank you Ceilidh!

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Nicole Monary
Sellstate Next Gen Realty - San Diego, CA
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Congratulations on blogging again and glad to hear you are inspired by FTHB's.  Keep at it.


Mar 03, 2010 01:41 AM